Super Lotion, Super Toner? It’s Liposome Treatment Liquid by Decorté

In my previous post, I’ve talked about my current holy grail pre-serum Moisture Liposome from Decorté. Backing with the same Liposome technology, in 2015 they launched what known to be a super toner or lotion, so it’s not your usual next-to-door toner.

Formulated to be biologically similar to the skin with Liposome concentrate in capsules measuring just 0.1 microns in size. Being said so, the treatment liquid can penetrate instantly into the stratum corneum which is the outermost layer of the skin, consisting of keratinized cells.

But why targeting at the stratum corneum while most products are targeting skin innermost layer to retain moisture? This is because they believe that the basis of healthy skin lies within the outermost layer which formed our skin’s barrier. A healthy skin barrier helps to prepare your skin to retain moisture, absorb nutrients and reap benefits from products applied in your skincare regime be it your serum, essence, cream, etc.

So Decorté does the opposite of what other products out there are doing similar to their application, this lotion is to be used after their emulsion and not the other way round. I’ve sometimes replaced Vita De Rêve with Liposome Treatment Liquid to give the boost that I needed or I used it with Decorté Phytotune Whitening Softener (emulsion).

It’s recommended to apply using a cotton pad by using pressing technique instead of patting, this will make sure the lotion is absorbed immediately. But most of the time I’ve just dab onto my palm and similarly press onto my skin which I don’t see much of the difference as I still can see the same result.

I also used it occasionally as a mask, I’ve been using Muji compressed mask, you may leave it on your face for a good five to 10 minutes and this will leave your face super plumed and extremely hydrated. Recently they also launched a new product in their Liposome range, Moisture Liposome Mask. (I’ll review this in a future post)

The result is quite amazing since I started to use the combo of Moisture Liposome Serum + Liposome Treatment Liquid, my skin is extremely moisturized, woke up with less oily t-zone (the first-ever skincare brand that I ever used to be able to control and condition my excessive sebum), everything (other products) lather onto it subsequently seemed to absorb much faster, skins are more translucent and smooth to touch as well.

There is a herbal-floral scent that is quite refreshing but not overpowering. And the texture is watery but upon application, you’ll notice that it’s actually not very light in texture compared to Vita De Rêve due to the formulation.

Some of the worth mentioning ingredients are Poria Cocos Extract and Ruscus Aculeatus Root AKA Butcher’s Broom root extract which has anti-oxidant and skin-soothing properties. Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) Extract is an awesome moisturizer with slightly greater water-holding capacities than Hyaluronic Acid. Eriobotrya Japonica Leaf Extract has anti-inflammatory properties along with proteins that help with natural moisturization.

*I’m an Asian guy with an oily combination skin condition in my early 30s and living a tropical climate with hot and humid weather.
**Reviews are based on my own experience usage, research online and knowledge shared between beauty advisors.

3 thoughts on “Super Lotion, Super Toner? It’s Liposome Treatment Liquid by Decorté

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