Skepticism of Essential Oil Based Skincare – Veráge® Skin Care by dōTERRA

There’re seems to be an argument on using Essential Oil (EO) based skincare some saying it’s rather harmful and bad to the skin than bringing actual benefit. However, there’re a vast majority of consumers still using EO based skincare as their main skincare regime and still reap the benefit and amazing result. The ever famous L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Overnight Reset Oil-In Serum is one of the examples of EO based skincare but still widely acclaimed of being on the holy grail by skincare enthusiast.

For me most importantly to make sure the source of the product you’re getting should be reliable and formulated professionally. For such instance, dōTERRA would be the perfect fits since they’re well known for their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®

Indeed there are EO that can be harmful if used incorrectly especially those that needed to be taken internally or topical application that needed special handling such as citrus-based EO that react to UV thus one should avoid UV rays upon application and some oil can’t be applied topically directly onto the skin which requires a carrier oil. So to dabble in EO one should properly do research and read the instruction carefully before start using them. I strongly believe that it’s similar to medicine/drug it can be a toxin or dangerous if wrong dosage or concentration is being taken or incorrect application.

Nonetheless putting aside on the long ongoing squabble. Let me share with you my experience of using EO based skincare.

To get started, I never try or use EO based skincare in my whole life and I only use EO for aromatherapy purposes. I was only being introduced to EO based skincare, Veráge® Skin Care by my sister. The set that I’m going to review was also gifted by her and she wanted me to try it since I was complaining about a particular high-end Korean skincare brand that I was using had caused breakout and leaving some pretty bad scarring and marks. I won’t be revealing the brand here as I will be reviewing this in another future post.

Being an EO enthusiast herself, she even managed to convinced my mum to convert to EO based skincare, this has intrigued me as even my mum kept telling me how amazing the result she had after using Veráge® Skin Care by dōTERRA.

So after having some bad time with this high-end Korean skincare, this has left my skin a perfect canvas for this trial so see how effective it’s in aiding to resolve my breakout and scarring. All of those that have been following my journey, knew that my holy grail is Decorté and why didn’t I just use that to revert to my healthy-looking skin. There is a long-overdue story which I will be sharing in another future post too.

✵✵ Product ✵✵

This range comes with only 4 products and they’re all the basic products you would be using. The packaging is simple and nothing fancy.

Veráge Cleanser

This comes in a 60ml tube similar to toothpaste with a pump. The scent is very soothing and the texture is in almost colorless gel type. Upon application, it will emulsify rather than lather up into foamy as a regular cleanser. After using this my face feels extremely cleanse and rejuvenate most importantly it doesn’t dry your skin and your skin won’t feel tight.

Veráge Toner – Claimed to refine and tightens the pores, and improves texture and clarity.

It comes in a 50ml spray pump bottle. Application is by spraying like a mist so it’s also recommended to be used a mist due to its soothing and hydrating function. However, I spray it to my palm instead and pad onto my skin. It absorbs super freaking fast during my first time I’m quite shocked by this too. The most obvious scent is from Ylang Ylang and the texture is super watery and upon application, skin feels tone and refines immediately.

Veráge Hydrating Serum – A very powerful serum as it’s packed with powerful essential oil that helps in anti-aging and skin healing.

I love how this comes in a 15ml syringe-type pump bottle, and why cant every product come in this as you can rest assure every bit of the product is being pumped out. I only use this at night and mistake learned I pump twice on my first time it’s extremely heavy due to the pure EO concentration. Those with oily or combination faces like me are recommended to only use it at night, at first some might find it difficult to apply it but make sure to massage and patting it to make sure it absorbs into the skin. Even though it feels oily at first, it won’t clog pore even cause blemishes. The scent of the serum is overpowered by Frankincense so depending on individual some might not like the scent. The texture is oil-based but it absorbs into the skin after sometime massaging and patting it.

Veráge Moisturizer

Similar to their serum the moisturizer comes in a 30ml syringe pump bottle. The texture is creamy but with gel consistency. It’s hard to describe the scent I believe they’re a combination of all EO as I don’t smell particular EO scent especially Jasmine or Geranium. Upon application, although it felt tacky at first after some time it sinks into the skin and leaving a soft and smooth texture.

✵✵ Notable Ingredients ✵✵

The ingredients used are 100% natural which extracted from plant and mineral. You may view the fully disclose ingredients list here.

Some of the notable ingredients:-

Veráge Cleanser

Wild Orange and Basil are known for their ability to cleanse and purify. Melaleuca (Tea Tree) has antioxidant properties. Widely use in skincare products due to its capability to fights acne.

Veráge Toner

Ylang Ylang soothes, nourishes, and protects skin due to its anti-inflammatory function at the same time helps to regulate oil on the skin. Similarly With Hazel has the same anti-inflammatory function as well

Coriander and Cypress are known for their antimicrobial benefits to the skin. This is due to its antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties,

Palmarosa is also a great skin conditioning can help balance moisture levels. Aloe is also well known to soothe and moisturize skin.

Veráge Hydrating Serum

Frankincense and Myrrh were regarded as holy incense burned in sacred temples during ancient times even till now in modern churches. Frankincense packed with antioxidant compounds that able to diminished pigmentation and reduce wrinkle. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

Another wonder is its capability to heal and regenerate healthy cells. Even Vogue magazine did an article on this amazing benefit of Frankincense here

Similarly, Myrrh has the same capabilities as Frankincense and has been a powerful combo duo.

Helichrysum also contains anti-microbial and regenerative compounds that assist in skin cell growth and regeneration

Hawaiian Sandalwood is also anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic properties to soothe and clear blemishes breakout.

Lavender, aside for its popularity as a mood enhancer and relaxer it’s also packed with antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Lastly, Rose consider the most expensive oil are packed with powerful anti-aging properties, minimize the appearance of scars, anti-inflammatory, Even the world’s most expansive skincare JK7 uses Rose in their skincare.

Veráge Moisturizer

Sea Buckthorn Berry is another ingredient widely used in Korean skincare product even Sulwhasoo also incorporated this in their skincare and cosmetic line. It’s a well-known skin conditioning, cell regeneration, and anti-inflammatory as well.

Juniper berry another powerful anti-inflammatory and well know to fight acne and eczema

Jasmine is an effective antibacterial, as well as cell regeneration to lighten the appearance of scars

Geranium often mistaken for Rose has great anti-aging properties, effective in cellular regeneration and tightening of the skin,.

✵✵ Result ✵✵

Putting aside my other skincare product and solely using this range for one month. The result is quite shocking to me as in the first week my breakout suddenly stops and faces becoming less oilier especially in the morning after waking up. I believe this is due to the hydrating serum in retaining moisture As I mentioned the only way to control the cause of oily face is to make sure our skin is well-hydrated if not it won’t assist in sebum regulation thus causing the face to be oilier for thinking our face is not hydrated thus overly produce sebum to keep our face hydrated leading to breakout due to clogging skin and bacteria infestation.

While my mum mentioned she had her pores minimized I don’t see this effect on me though. Once the second to the third week, I can see a very powerful effect in cellular regeneration which I never see or experience before, every time acne or that particular area where I have blemishes breakout heal, there will be a layer of new skin regenerate to replace the dead skin and its super obvious. This is extremely effective in diminishing and reducing scarring caused by blemishes.

The only downside is it doesn’t aid in skin brightening nor whitening. In terms of anti-aging benefit, as I don’t yet have any obvious wrinkle only some fine lines over my eyes area I can’t comment much but I do believe it will help in preventing or delaying the aging process when one does not have any wrinkle issue like me.

✵✵ Overall Rating ✵✵

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Would I repurchase it, yes I would even though it’s a bit pricey due to the small amount of product comparing with other regular skincare where heir toner or moisturizer would usually be 150ml to 200ml per bottle. But I’m extremely satisfied with the result it delivers on improving my skin condition.

Lastly, I strongly believe one should start an anti-aging regime to slow down the aging process rather than dealing with it afterward which would take a longer time and process to recuperate especially when you already develop deep wrinkles.

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