Tried & Tested (Part 1) – High-end to Mid-range Product Flops

I will be sharing some of the products that I’ve tried and tested which doesn’t deliver what it’s claimed to be. Mostly this is based on my personal opinions which heavily depend on my skin condition and some other external factors.

This article is not to brand bashing but just to share my personal experiences from using these products for a while. I strongly believe that not all products even high-end products are effective on everyone’s face. Thus it is mostly depending on your skin type, the ingredients of the products, how and when are your applications, and many more. Therefore I hope this article won’t offend those that are supporting certain particular brands as these are merely my own opinions and observation.

Before I start to list down those products, I would like to share that I do have a set of principles before I ruled out a certain product to be ineffective, refer the following “Ruling Principle” to roughly understand how I judge and make the decision:-

  1. Full-size product – Consumption until half bottle* or min. usage of 1 to 2 months (*depending on the reaction to the product on sensitivity or causing any irritation and breakout, even worsening the skin condition).
  2. Full-size product – Full consumption or depending on the product’s capacity and application usage amount which can last from 3 to 4 months. This only applies to highly raved or high-end products in which I need to make sure whether the result has achieved what the brands have claimed on the benefits.
  3. Travel size product (miniature) – Full consumption and depending on the amount of the capacity and application usage which can last min. 1 to 3 weeks or sometimes even up to 2 months especially those that I’ve collected enough GWP that can end up as half the size of the full product (Ruling principle 1). In certain cases, I will also manage to collect until full-size product where my Ruling Principle 2 may apply.
  4. Sachet or Sample size product – Usually I won’t judge or decide based on these criteria as for me, proper usage with the right amount of product within a continuous period is very important. For me, sachets are only to give me the first impression on the application on my skins for a very short time which some may not even last you for a week’s supply. As during this stage, is also important for me to decide whether a certain product is worth investing with especially for those high-end products. Most product doesn’t have an immediate 1-day result that you can see, that why investment in time is also very crucial as the most result shown in week 2 to week 4 of continuous usage.
  5. Facial services – As most high-end products do provide facial services, there are certain times that my judgment is based on after effect for several facial session. This is also a platform for me to decide whether to purchase the full size.

List of products are arranged by brand and the name of the product

  1. Shiseido Men – Total Revitalizer Light Fluid
    • Benefit – to resist potential sagging, to tone, sculpt and energize skin
    • Ruling Principle 2 – I’ve finished up the whole bottle for about 4 months
    • Result – It does tone your skin, but that’s it. And it’s not as lightweight as it mentioned, it took quite some time to absorb in which you need to keep massaging in. And I don’t feel the sculpting on the face, it’s just the same as other regular moisturizers despite the key ingredients mentioned to have many benefits which I don’t see. For this pricing of S$85 @ 80ml only, it’s not worth it as the aftereffect is just mediocre.
  2. Lab Series Solid Water Essence
    • Benefit – Energizing Ginseng and Caffeine help skin fight the look of fatigue and amp up hydration. Bamboo-infused water to be rapidly absorbed by the skin. Antioxidants help fight free radicals for more youthful-looking skin over time.
    • Ruling Principle 1 – I’ve used half bottle for about 2 months.
    • Result – It’s a toner and face does felt hydrated upon application, but it doesn’t last long and seems like the product on lies on top of your skin and doesn’t penetrate deeply into your skin. It ended up like a low-end toner with pricing @ S$84 for 150ml.
  3. Laneige Homme Blue Energy Skin Toner and Essence in Lotion
    • Benefit – Moisturize, brightening , firming and anti-wrinkles
    • Ruling Principle 2 – I’ve finished up the whole bottle for about 4 months
    • Result – It felt soothing upon application but aside from that I did not see any brightening or anti-wrinkles function. It’s your average toner and moisturizer which doesn’t hurt your wallet much.


Rating: 1 out of 5.

So my overall rating for those products above are the same mostly due to the ineffectiveness towards my skin and the price point. Seems like today’s reviews are mostly based on men’s targeted skincare, I do not understand why men skincare doesn’t seem to be effective on my skin although I do have the typical men skin conditions. Thus I’m quite skeptical for skincare lines that launch especially for men. I’m not sure whether those brand has put on their effort into making a good line of product for men, since their source of revenue still largely dependent on the women skincare in the beauty industry.

I will be continuing with another tried and tested review in another post.

Laneige Homme Blue Energy Skin Toner and Essence in Lotion

*I’m an Asian guy with an oily combination skin condition in my early 30s and living a tropical climate with hot and humid weather.
**Reviews are based on my own experience usage, research online and knowledge shared between beauty advisors.

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