Luxury Cushion? Claimed to contains jewel ingredients such as gold, amber, and pearl!

Yes it’s Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Golden Cushion by The History of WHOO

I will be talking about cosmetics and yes I’m a guy who wears makeup but I’m not an expert on this so do not expect much as I’m still learning (Most of it are just opinion based reviews). Nowadays, it seems like a norm for men to put on makeup and it’s as important as how guys start to dress up nicely to impress their counterpart.

For me, wearing makeup can boost one’s confidence and energy. There are some misunderstandings and confusion whereby having goods skin doesn’t require makeup, by putting on makeup it also helps to provides protective barrier to protect the skin from direct environmental stress and pollution as well as enhances one’s appearance too. And most of the cosmetics products especially from the higher-end does have skincare ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

However, I’m only wearing light makeup to enhance my appearance. The reason being is that my core base (skin condition) is already in perfect balance, skin texture is fine with refined pores too, thus by only applying a thin layer of makeup would be ideal for those having a goods base. Most of the time is just color correcting using primer/foundation follow by cushion or compact powder. Sometime I will use loose powder to set my makeup as well. I will be reviewing those products in my future posts.

This post will be my first review on cosmetics products that I’ve tried and tested for few months.

To be honest, the reason for getting this item is solely because of the packaging. It does resonate with luxury from the first impression. The set that I’m getting is a special launch in late 2019, I’m not sure if there is improvement in the formulation, but the ingredient listed seems to be promising.

What worth mentioning in the ingredients list is there are Deer antler, Korean angelica root, Cornus fruit, Cnidium and pomegranate that helps keep the balance of oil and moisture on your skin and correct the tone of your complexion. It also contains jewel ingredients such as gold, amber, and pearl, which makes your skin more radiant with natural shimmer glow. With all these premium ingredients no wonders it’s called a luxury cushion.

The set comes with the cushion case in #21 Light Beige X 2 cushions, a liquid lip rouge (I’ve given it to my mum) and a green primer in a cushion.

Nothing special about the texture and those who ever use WHOO products would recognize the herbal-ginseng scent but it’s not overpowering and so for those who find herbal-scent unpleasant, won’t need to worry as the scent doesn’t linger.

All in all, upon first application I’m surprised with how dewy it looks like on my skin, and I’m not used to such finishing as I already have a natural radiance complexion (HAHAHAHA). The finishing seems to be too overwhelming and not natural for me and by the end of the day, it makes my skin a lil bit oilier. Seems to me that this product is not suitable to be used in such humid climate, anyway this is from what I’ve observed. It does tend to be cakey if you don’t prime or set your foundation (Lesson Learnt), so you can’t just rely on this cushion only.

And one more it does transfer easily onto clothes too as compare to Kose Sekkisei Snow CC Powder or MAC Mineralize Foundations (These 2 items are what I’ve been using regularly they don’t transfer easily). The color #21 also doesn’t really match my skin tone, I ended up using it on my neck instead as the color doesn’t seem to blend well with my upper face tone. So I will be thinking twice to ever purchase this for the 2nd time unless they launch a super nice packaging which I won’t be able to resist.

Enough about the cushion, I’ve actually found another product that I like which is the green primer, AKA Gongjinhyang Mi Essential Primer Base. Due to this sample, I’ve ended up getting the actual size. It’s a good marketing gimmick by WHOO to let the customer have a try on their product to entice them to get the actual size if you find it very good. For those follower of WHOO, you might be well aware that most of the time, WHOO like to merchandised or marketed their product with travel size miniature as a bundle set.

Anyway as this post have been quite lengthy, I will be reviewing the Gongjinhyang Mi Essential Primer Base in another post.

*I’m an Asian guy with an oily combination skin condition in my early 30s and living a tropical climate with hot and humid weather.
**Reviews are based on my own experience usage, research online and knowledge shared between beauty advisors.

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