Finally! Effective Pore Minimizing Solutions by Decorté

I’ve been on the lookout quest to discover effective pore minimizing products and tested numerous products for years to minimize and refine my facial pores especially at the t-zone and cheeks. However, I’ve failed in the search quest to uncover the secret for pore minimizing despite using skincare targeted at pore-refining from Estee Lauder’s Nutritious Micro-Algae series, Laneige’s Mini pore range, Kiehl’s Rare Earth series, and Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic range plus many other drug stores’ brands for years and years. But none of these products do wonder to me.

Aside from that, from what I’ve experienced throughout using Prime Latté and Vita de Rêve, it doesn’t really aid in pore-refining too, and as a guy, we usually tend to have coarse and large pores, plus with the humid climate, I’m at, which is a great combo for my sebum factory to be overly producing. (This is before I’m introduced to Decorté products.)

Until recently, when I started to use Decorté Prime Latté and Vita de Rêve, which targeted blemishes, acne, sebum control, soften skin texture and after re-condition my skin, I’ve in a way upgraded to more specialized care which is pore-refining using their Phytotune Series. I’ve used both Phytotune Whitening and Phytotune Refining. (However, I’ve just finished using their Whitening lotion so I don’t have the real photo to show)

Phytotune Whitening Softener 200ML

Both series are said to be able to assist in pore-refining and the only difference is the Whitening series literally meant assists in skin whitening. However, after using the whitening series, it just helps to brighten but never whiten, lightens any dark spot, pigmentation or scars. Not really an effective whitening product. Nonetheless, after using both series, their emulsion, Phytotune Whitening Softener, and Phytotune Refining Softener have Decorté signature emollient after-effect, which skin texture felt velvety and texture softens.

All in all, after using for just 1 month, my pore does minimized which I’m extremely amazed at how amazing Decorté products are. Please note that during this regime, I’m also using the Moisture Liposome Hydration Boosting Serum as a pre-serum.

Being said that, my pore conditions were already maintained to be not overly-enlarged when I used Moisture Liposome Hydration Boosting Serum as my daily pre-serum as it helps to reduce my excessive sebum secretion by providing long-lasting hydration. Very important to have well balanced hydrated skin to reduce oily face and in-turn prevented blemishes for not clogging the pores but it was not being minimized either.

The texture of their softener is thicker than Prime Latté and it’s watery milky while their Lotion, Phytotune Whitening Tuner and Phytotune Hydro Tuner, is also richer than Vita de Rêve, with Whitening Tuner to be richer than Hydro Tuner. Both have a similar floral herbally scent as it contained botanical essential oil.

Application for Decorté product is all the same with their other emulsion, swipe using a cotton pad first before their lotion, applied using the pressing technique.

The only notable ingredient from Phytotune is humus extract, quoted from their website “humus is the sediment created by plants that have accumulated at the bottom of the oceans over millions of years”. Since this is being well researched by KOSÉ, they have discovered that the humus extract from nutrients accumulated in the soil over a long period of time is proven to minimize pores and increasing skin cell turnover (skin renewal)

All bottles come with 200ML, but I do notice that their emulsion, regardless of which product ranges, tends to finish within 2 – 3 months as you need a minimum of 2 pumps each usage.

*I’m an Asian guy with an oily combination skin condition in my early 30s and living a tropical climate with hot and humid weather.
**Reviews are based on my own experience usage, research online and knowledge shared between beauty advisors.

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