Facial Misting at its best!

Many skincare brands out-there have their own facial mist products that targeted at giving skin a boost of instant hydration, to refresh skin and so on. So I won’t be talking about the beneficial you get from using facial mist as many bloggers have covered and reviewed on this. And you may simply google tons of blogs that share the benefits of using facial mist.

It’s not just spritzing of facial mist product, as what I’m going to talk may not be your regular facial misting technique as I prefer to use toner/lotion/mist water as my facial mist by using an electric misting device. This is because these electrical-misting device are able to make sure the molecule of the liquid is being breakdown into ultra fine nanometres particles using ultra high-speed vibration technology, this will ensure effective components are to be penetrated deep into skin and it won’t be ruining your makeup as well. As compared with normal spritzing, spraying or atomizer, the particle won’t be so fine and it may not absorb easily and some just sit on the surface of our skin instead.

Ultrasound Technology

You may also use this during prepping of skin for skincare at the toner/lotion stage, however it’s depending on the toner consistency and application. As currently I’m using Decorté, mostly their lotions are watery but due to the application technique (pressing technique) I did not use this as a way to apply my toner/lotion.

I usually use the facial mist device while I’m on the go and running some errand, as living in tropical climate, summer is all year long thus giving skin instant hydration boost is a must. Another favorite daily usage of mine, is to refresh my skin after removing my sunblock (as sometime I may use tinted sunblock), or before I hit for my workout. I don’t like to do work out when my skin already dehydrated and felt polluted after working for whole day.

Other collection of electric misting devices some have the function to check the moisture level on your skin

I’m always using the facial misting device with a toner that have hydration component such as HA, SH, or DIY my own facial water using certified organic Essential Oils such as Lavander and Tea Tree from dōTERRA. I’ve also tried using Laneige Water Bank Hydro Mist and Muji Light Toning Water it work well too but recently I’ve been using Loccitance Immortelle Precious Essential Water and I’m going for the 2nd bottle already.

I’ll will be doing a quick review on this, basically it’s a toner for Loccitane Immortelle range, after much read up on this product I’ve decided to give it a try since late Dec 2019, it’s infused with Immortelle EO which is famously known as flower that never died or wither and has been Loccitane signature product range. Immortelle EO is known for high anti-oxidant and claimed to be 2X higher than Vitamin E. And it also contains dynamic HA which 2X more than the regular HA so in other words it’s much more hydrating.

Anyway, just to share, early of Mar 2020 when I bought the 2nd bottle, Loccitane came out with their own facial mist in travel size bottle as their Gift-With-Purchase which was exactly made from the toner as according to the BA. (At that time, they do already have Immortelle Precious Mist), so maybe they too get the idea of using toner as facial mist as well. For those that might be asking why I did not use Loccitance as my whole skin care regime is because I did try their award winning Reset serum but it doesn’t seems to give my skin the result it claimed to be thus I’m not sure why the toner is kinda effective to me when I use it as my facial mist.

GWP from Decorté (Now you know how much I’ve invested in their products)

There are a lot of electric misting device, just make sure to find those high quality and can generate ultra fine mist. Preferably to get those that is USB rechargeable as well. I got mine from Gift-With-Purchase from Decorte and gotten some from online stores.

*I’m an Asian guy with an oily combination skin condition in my early 30s and living a tropical climate with hot and humid weather.
**Reviews are based on my own experience usage, research online and knowledge shared between beauty advisors.

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