Kojic Acid – Lightening Effect by ONE by KOSÉ

I’ve been using ONE by KOSÉ (OBK) Melanoshot White Brightening Serum from the moment I started using Decorté as my skincare regime. I’ve gotten a lot of scaring and pigmentation from my previous lifestyle where I do not care of using sunblock product to protect against UV. I did used it when I was in my early twenties by using Clinique’s Super City Sun Block, after a while I stopped using it until only 2 yrs ago when I started to notice that I got much older with the hyper-pigmentation which I restarted using sun protecting products again from Laneige Light Sun Fluid, from that moment I’ve been using all kinds of sunblocks from multiple brands. I will be doing another post on sunblock that I’ve tried and tested. 

Back to this OBK serum, when I was introduced of Decorté product, they also had another serum called Whitelogist Bright Express. But the price point was too high for me. Thus I begin to do some research and found that their sister brand OBK also has a similar product with the same main ingredient which is Kojic Acid. Understand that even Shiseido also incorporated Kojic Acid in their whitening series.

The main ingredient in the OBK serum is Kojic Acid, a whitening agent and tyrosinase (catalysts in melanin production) inhibitor. Kojic Acid is known to helps decreases and inhibit melanin production and reduces the appearance of dark spots. 

Another benefits of its, some claimed that the overall face brightens, skin tone is even ,skin felt smooth and softer. However, for my case, I only see the effect of lightening and reducing all my acne scarring and pigmentation spots. In which I already felt satisfied with the result. 

Don’t expect a miracle or instance result as I have only begun to see the result after 2 weeks of using it. I’m now already on the second bottle. I’ve purchased both bottles in their limited edition size of 65ml which can last me for almost 4 months. I was about to purchase the 3rd bottle only realize that in Feb 2020 , OBK was relaunched into a newly improved formula known as ONE by KOSÉ (OBK) Melanoshot White D Brightening Serum. I’m still thinking to get which one as the previous generation was on sales. 

Limited Edition Size 65ml

I’ve also collected enough travel-size sample of the Whitelogist Bright Express from my purchases with Decorté, basically after combining those travel sizes, it actually a full-size product of 40ml which I think may last me for another 2 months supply and to test and see the difference between OBK and Decorté, since they have the same main ingredient of Kojic acid and belong to the same company.

The texture is milky and not like the regular serumy texture that you would expect from a serum, its resemblance of a moisturizer texture which upon application it’s a lil bit tacky but quickly melt into the skin. I do not know how to describe the scent exactly, as it does not have any significant scent that I can relate to, which the scent disperse quickly too.

How I incorporate into my current Decorté skincare regime, since Decorté regime is unusual, where essence or serum ended last step, the OBK serum suited perfectly as serum cum moisturizer finisher since it has the milky moisturizer texture.

To better understand my current regime, I started off with Moisture Liposome > Emulsion > Lotion > Adavnced Genefique > Facial Oil (Night) > OBK > Eyes Cream > Moisturizer (Night).

*I’m an Asian guy with an oily combination skin condition in my early 30s and living a tropical climate with hot and humid weather.
**Reviews are based on my own experience usage, research online and knowledge shared between beauty advisors.

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