Skincare Regime – Series 1

I’ve decided to share and document skincare regimes that I’ve ever done previously up till the recent after tirelessly sharing so many times to each of my friends that asking for my opinions on my skincare regime. Thus next time, if somebody asks me again I would easily direct them to this blog.

Up till today, I’ve changed to a few “versions” of my regimes mainly due to product testing or some product that I’m using are not available due to the recent pandemic.

For the first series 1 of my skincare regime, I would start from the very first time I hooked up in a luxury skincare brand which is Decorté, and the very first reason also why I started this whole blog.

This is considered as my stepping stone in the journey of high-end skincare regime. The whole regime lasted for almost 4 months. During this period I was having a regular breakout and extremely oily skin. It was oily on the surface of the skin but dry on the inside of the skin. This was the whole reason for the extreme production of sebum on my face thus causing me breakout. To understand more in-depth, I did a review on them so please click on the link on each product.

Duration of the Skincare Regime : July 2019 – Mid-October 2019

Products Used:- (In sequence)

1. Pre-SerumDecortéDecorté Moisture Liposome
2. EmulsionDecortéPrime Latté
3. LotionDecortéVita de Rêve
4. Facial OilDecortéDecorté AQ Infusion Oil
5. Eye CareDecortéMoisture Liposome Eye Cream
6. Sun CareEstée LauderCrescent White Full Cycle Brightening UV Protector SPF50/PA++++
Skin Care Regime – Series 1

That’s when Decorté came along and help to regulate the imbalance of moisture and hydration in my skin. During the few months, this regime has helped in controlling my sebum secretion and clearing up my breakouts. I remembered clearly that my colleagues started giving compliments even from the guy colleague to my office receptionist.

They’re very surprised that in just a few months, my face has begun to look “very cleaned” and fresh. The exact words uttered by them “very cleaned” which according to them my face is cleared from blemishes and there’s even a glow of radiance. They even said they quite envy of my newly improved skin conditions as in the morning I didn’t even put on any foundation or tinted sunblock. Thus the reason they said how they liked my bare skin without the need to use any foundation to cover any imperfections.

To hear such compliments, from that very moment I can be very sure that I’ve found my holy grail.

This is all for my first skincare regime. I will continue my series 2 regime in my future post.

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