Skincare Regime – Series 2

This post is the continuous skincare regime from Series 1. After I’ve completed the first regime for around 4 months. In a way, I’ve upgraded my skincare regime, considering I’m using the entry-level product range from Decorté previously.

Since my blemish and breakout have been completely under control, I’ve decided to target my next concern which is pore minimizing and tightening as well and to lighten my acne scarring. This due to previous breakout and excessive sebum secretion that causes large and oversize pores.

Some skincare products remain the same, just a few items were being replaced and added to specifically focus on targeting my main concern.

For some, they would say that I’m layering too much product on my skin and this is not good for the skin and may affect the efficacy of each product. But for me as long as you’re using each product in moderation and making sure that all when layering the product, it’s being massage properly to absorb into your skin, then there’s nothing harmful to this.

Duration of the Skincare Regime : Mid-October 2019February 2020

Products Used:- (In sequence)

1. Pre-SerumDecortéDecorté Moisture Liposome
2. EmulsionDecortéPhytotune Softener
2.1. DecortéPhytotune Refining Softener
(Mid-October 2019 – December 2020)
2.2. DecortéPhytotune Whitening Softener
(December 2020 – February 2020)
3. LotionDecortéPhytotune Tuner
3.1. DecortéPhytotune Hydro Tuner
(Mid-October 2019 – December 2020)
3.2. DecortéPhytotune Whitening Tuner
(December 2020 – February 2020)
4. Serum LancômeLancôme Advanced Génifique
5. Facial OilDecortéDecorté AQ Infusion Oil
6. Serum KoséONE by KOSÉ (OBK) Melanoshot White Brightening Serum
7. Eye CareDecortéMoisture Liposome Eye Cream
8. Sun CareThe History of WHOOGongjinhyang: Soo Vital Hydrating Sun Fluid SPF50+/ PA+++
Skin Care Regime – Series 2

As you can see my skincare regime seems to be upgraded and getting more complicated. Anyway I’ve stopped using Facial Oil around December 2019, I afraid that this might affect the performance of both Lancôme Advanced Génifique and ONE by KOSÉ (OBK) Melanoshot White Brightening Serum

Mainly from this regime, my pore is visibly and remarkably tightened and minimized from using the Phytotune series. Skin tone is also lightened due to the whitening and brightening effect from using ONE by KOSÉ (OBK) Melanoshot White Brightening Serum. All blemishes scars disappear and I no longer suffer from an acne breakout.

During the writing of this 2nd series regime, I’m already on the 5th series. From the 3rd regime onward, you may notice that I’ve stopped using Decorté and start to use other high-end skincare brands too. Please continue to follow my journey and you will know the reason why I stop using Decorté my highly acclaimed holy grail.

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